Local Flow is an idea born out of opportunity and a desire for a sustainable healthy lifestyle. (Plus we really enjoy a mean acai bowl!)

We enjoy our community and want to bring something that not only grows it but keeps it feeling great on the way. We are excited to now be a part of this community and we look forward to seeing you at Local Flow!

Local Flow Health Bar Owners, Brett, and Heather Miller.

Who Is Local Flow:

  • Heather Miller, Owner, heather@localflowhealthbar.com
  • Linfield grad – Exercise Science
  • Fun Fact!: Heather is a certified downhill ski instructor.
  • Masters in Healthcare Administration
  • Flow: Cooking, crafting, coloring books, reality TV (Bravo), puzzles, travel
  • Nutrition thoughts: Diet is about balance. Never exclude, only change the foundation and knowledge to eat in a sustainable, healthy way.

Brett Miller, Owner,

  • Born and raised in Carlton, Oregon
  • Linfield grad- Biology and Chemistry
  • Fun Fact!: Brett was a snowboard instructor (but really only to get in the door with Heather, see above).
  • Flow: guitar (roughly), creative arts (design, drawing), yoga, travel
  • Nutrition thoughts: Food is fuel, the better you eat, the better you feel. Your body is a gift, why not treat it that way.

We are going to spread the knowledge of all aspects of healthy living, geared towards our community. This will include our weekly (maybe more, maybe less) blog which will cover all topics from why diets suck, to how to shop, to cooking healthy on a budget, to why stretching may be the best thing for your body. We want to educate, but we want to do it in a Local Flow way. No pre-conceived notions, no egos, and no pedestals. Just simple, clean, healthy knowledge that anyone can use and take that first, or that next, step to living a healthy and active life.