I have known David Faxon since I first became a member of Gold’s Gym 15 years ago as I wanted to be a bigger, stronger, faster young athlete. Since then, fitness, health and nutrition have become a large part of my life, and there is no question that my relationship with Dave Faxon had an impact. Because of this, I sat down with Dave to get his thoughts on everything fitness, nutrition and more.

Dave Faxon in his McMinnville Excell Fitness. Diciplined, one step at a time fitness.

What was your path to being a Fitness professional?

DF: Fitness was almost force-introduced to me during high school. I played sports and it was my football coach that signed me up for weight training instead of co-ed PE, which initially I was upset about, but as I improved, performed and recovered better. I knew fitness would be always a part of my life. It wasn’t until after college that I was introduced to a Gold’s Gym, and from that point I new that’s where I belonged. That was 25 years ago and here I am still owning a gym. I first moved to McMinnville 20 years ago and have loved being a part of this community and its fitness.

What do you look for in new clients and how do you assess their fitness

DF: Balance, posture and flexibility. Everyone has expectations and goals with what they want from their body when they come and see me. I have to be honest with them and meet them half way. The way that I look at it is that we can’t build on a cracked foundation. If they have mobility or posture issue we have to address those before building strength. Fitness is a lifelong decision. There isn’t a quick fix, but if you focus on the foundation you will more than likely see success which will keep going at it. To have great successes in fitness you have to start with a solid and functional foundation.

In your experience why don’t people reach their fitness goals?

DF: Lack of discipline. Plain and simple. We are wired for instant gratification. We stay with things that give us that serotonin hit when we are satisfied. The hard part is sticking it out through the grind. Show up everyday and put in the work and your will see results. The art of less. Make one change today and stick to it. Be where your feet are and take one step at a time to your goals.

Do you have any nutrition rules?

DF: First, stay out of the middle aisles. If you do shop the middle aisles. Look at the ingredients list and buy the product that is made from real food. Second, sugar is a drug. It hijacks your body and brain c reading only bad habits. Lastly, eat more vegetables than you don’t and eat in moderation. Real food, real food, and real food; I can’t say it enough.

Dave has a very practical look at fitness and nutrition. As you would think from a fitness professional who has been in Yamhill county for over 20 years. If you take your health and fitness goals one step at a time one day at a time you will see and feel the results of your discipline.

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