The end of a year is an interesting time. Time for reflection on the past 360+ days: the good, the bad, the entertaining, the growth, the tears; this past year has made you who you are today. What are you looking forward to in 2017, how will you change or be different in the next 365 days? At Local Flow, we believe that healthy living is the ultimate marathon, there are no get-fit-quick schemes or magic pills that can replace productive healthy daily habits.

You are the captain of your ship, how will you navigate in 2017? Photo: Joseph Barrientos

The first New Year’s Resolutions were made some 4,000 years ago by the Babylonians as they made promises to their gods in hopes for favors in return in the new year. A similar practice was carried on by the Romans and early Christians, both promising to their respective gods to be better in the coming year.(1) Early resolutions obviously had a religious context, but today they have evolved to inner focus and self-improvement. Humans are the one animal on this planet that can break habitual behavior and create new habits; evolving in one’s own lifetime is an achievement and is difficult to do. This is why most resolutions made, have failed.

A chance to start fresh, to create a better you in the new year. That’s heavy. We believe that a resolution should be a refresh, not a weight on your shoulders. A chance to actively create and take charge of your life to make a better you. Here are some thoughts to keep in mind when making and trying to stick to your healthy living resolutions for 2017.

1.) Start small, often we multi-level our goals and when we fail to meet one aspect of them we give up. Choose one simple goal, break it down to what you can do in your next step to reach it. One step at a time is how you find a resolution that works. If you develop a simple, sustainable habit it will lead to further beneficial habits in the future.

2.) No offense, but you’re not perfect. So, don’t expect perfection in your resolution journey. When setting your goal, push yourself but also stay realistic.

3.) Avoid the daunting feeling of not keeping your resolution, if you miss one day or have a bump in the road there, that is life, it’s not the end. Take the next step again the following day, get back on that horse. There is no room for the no-hope attitude when you’re trying to change your habits.

4.) Hold yourself accountable. The best way to do this is to tell your resolution to someone else. Habit changing often requires teamwork, it’s a tough thing to do, and support from a friend goes a very long way. Make a bet, keep it casual, and more importantly keep it fun. You only have one life, enjoy it with others and be happy.

5.) “Diets” in general don’t work. They are short term band-aids and are rarely sustainable. They often are centered around the elimination of something in your diet; this is counter productive. Every time you exclude something you are thinking of that “thing” and thus implanting a craving. To improve your lifestyle in a positive way you must slowly change your habits. Don’t eliminate, reform. A diet should not be a form of punishment.

Remember, small simple changes, one step at a time. Do two simple things a day that leave you feeling better and over the course of 2017 you will see a new you. We are excited for this journey with you in 2017. Tell us your resolution the next time you are in Local Flow, we would be honored to be part of your support group. Let’s do it together! Stay reading over the next few days as we go into 2017. We will be posting some simple health tips to keep you rocking and rolling in the new year.


1.) Pruitt, Sarah. “The History of New Year’s Resolutions.” A&E Television Networks, 30 Dec. 2015. Web. Dec. 2016.