1. Local Flow Featured Menu Items for Fall

    Fall in McMinnville is a special time of year. The Oregon fall foliage peaks, students at Linfield fall back into the routine of school, and the humid summer air begins to cool. Autumn in McMinnville is especially good for the food — local farmers have an entire season’s harvest to share, so the…Read More

  2. What Your Food Cravings Are Actually Telling You

    When you’re stressed or verging on hanger (hunger-anger), what type of food do you crave the most? For some, it’s an entire pint of ice cream. Others crave carbo-loaded food like pretzels and bread. Another group of us rushes to the chocolate aisle of the local grocery store and has a feast. Bec…Read More

  3. Acai Bowls Are The Spider-Man of Superfoods

    In the world of nutrition, superfoods are like Marvel comic dietary heros. Quinoa is like Superman himself — it provides all nine essential amino acids and packs a protein punch. Chia seeds are like Wonder Woman — they might be small, but they are loaded with more essential fatty acids than any …Read More

  4. The Health Benefits of Kombucha

    If you’ve ever seen how kombucha is brewed, you might think to yourself, “there is no way I should drink this.” You might have heard of “The Mother” (which is really a SCOBY, or symbiotic colony of bacterial yeast) and wondered how anything edible could have such a name. The reality couldn…Read More

  5. Probiotics 101: Your Gut and Healthy Eating

    At Local Flow Health Bar, we get a lot of questions about healthy eating and which particular foods are the best for your body. The answer to that question depends on the person, their specific health goals, nutrient deficiencies, and lifestyle. In general, though, we think probiotics are a great pl…Read More